Estate Planning and Probate Administration

A majority of our life is spent working to care and provide for those we love, engage in hobbies and passions we enjoy, and invest our dollars in causes we support. We actively contribute to these endeavors during life, but it does not have to cease when we become deceased. With strategic estate planning, we can continue to provide for loved ones beyond death, support causes, and even maximize these efforts by planning to avoid court fees and procedures. This process can be confusing and also somber, but it is an important tool and an inescapable part of life. In such matters, it is essential to have a trusted professional who will listen and advise according to your situation.

At TMP Law, Attorney Patterson has crafted wills and other estate planning documents for clients, as well as helped clients in the probate court process for deceased loved ones. Attorney Patterson is highly trained in this area, and possesses a Probate and Estate Planning Certification from the Michigan Institute of Continuing Legal Education.