A nation is judged based on how it treats its most vulnerable citizens, which for many, include our elderly and disabled citizens. The field of elder and disability law is closely tied to estate planning, often overlapping needs and services. According to the Administration on Aging, the United States is experiencing a dramatic increase of people who live to old age, creating challenges for Americans of all ages, as seniors (people ages 65 and older) and preseniors (ages 55–64) cope with issues that affect an aging population, such as health care, housing, employment, and retirement.

Additionally, with the aging process, our health needs change, including our ability to care for ourselves physically and make decisions mentally, which may require common estate planning services such as patient advocates and powers of attorney, along with disability income and protection through programs such as Social Security and Medicare. To this end, as a former federal government attorney for the Social Security Administration, Tina has direct knowledge and experience in reviewing medical evidence and analyzing disability appeals. She knows firsthand the process for applying for disability and what factors highlight and strengthen a case for disability benefits.

As we grow, our estate grows, our family grows, and our needs grow. We have more to lose and protect, not only for ourselves, but for future generations. In line with our mission of proactive legal action, do not wait for the aging process before getting your affairs in order. Contact TMP Law for more information.