The political process is the cornerstone of democracy.

Running a campaign for public office can be exciting, rewarding, and extremely challenging. The candidate must deliver an effective message, develop relationships, get in touch with the constituency, and serve as the face of the campaign. These are just a few of numerous components involved in running a campaign, not to mention legal requirements and compliance, which the candidate alone cannot do. You may think that you will not need an attorney for these matters, but, no one can navigate the regulatory and administrative processes better than an attorney.

Unlike other members of a campaign, attorneys can readily find and interpret relevant laws and have the ability to correct errors in time, avoiding negative decisions that will set the course for the rest of the campaign. And not just any attorney, but one with understanding of election law and the political process. Tina is a graduate of the Michigan inaugural class of Emerge, a national organization dedicated to training and encouraging democratic women to run for office. In addition, she completed Local Candidate and Campaign Manager Training through the Center for Progressive Leadership. Furthermore, in this past 2016 presidential election, she volunteered in election protection efforts, securing the right to vote at the polls.

Don't wait until something goes wrong to get the legal help you need. Avoid mistakes that may cause you missing your chance to run! Contact TMP Law to work on your campaign today.